Martina Levinsson

I have always had a great interest in personal development. To witness people grow and find their place in life is a great experience. I started my own personal journey early in life. When I found intuitively painting, I found a way to express myself where words and thoughts cannot reach. Painting intuitively is a powerful way to get closer to yourself. I have been painting intuitively since 2004. During the years I have been studying art on several different locations in Sweden, mainly at Öland in the summers, but also in Kerala, India.

I had my first exhibition in 2009. Since then I have hade exhibitions in several places around southern Sweden, such as Halmstad, Gothenburg, Varberg and Borås. My paintings are intuitively created and I prefer to paint in acrylic. I paint from the heart, not from the mind, which means that the picture is developing during the process.

Since November 2013 I have been the owner of my own gallery in Borås. Since October 2017, the gallery is a mobile gallery that organizes pop-up exhibitions.

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